Silitex is present and operating as supplier in hydrocarbons industry extraction in the main activities as drilling, production, storage, transportation and other auxiliary services. Through dedicated technology and expertise, we provide more than just products; we provide and apply solutions, reducing costs of operations and enhance profitability trend.
Solutions are usually based on a mix of aspects as study, development and knowledge of home technology, customer technology and customer operational constraints, logistics and timing. Application of Silitex solutions is an investment with high return rate.
We know that problems are not just technical matters but they are costs and if not contained in at level of acceptability, generally go to erode and reduce profitability of any activity, Oil & Gas production included.
Hydrocarbons emerge from the underground called “Formation” located in depth varying from few hundred to several thousand meters; rarely they emerge pure. Even if they were, some of the constituents present sometimes, such as Paraffins and Aphaltenes, could create problematic situations.
Usually Oil & Gas get to the surface associated with or carrying some inorganic impurities like residual matters/debris from previous drilling activities and/or just fine sand carry over from formation rock porosity and capillaries. More important is the water associated with Oil & Gas produced.
The water and its own inorganic and organic constituents (often in “cooperation” with the mentioned debris, sand, paraffins) cause a considerable variety of undesired phenomena leading to problems  like foam, emulsion, corrosion, erosion-corrosion, scale, production reduction, bacteria presence with consequent sourcing. Bacteria problems are usually related to water for water injection systems.
For water injection system means that a plant take water from the sea, a river, a lake or water wells and inject it down hole injector wells at high pressure, in a way to push the oil in the formation to help migrating towards in proximity of oil producing wells. Sometimes also produced water (with oil) is reutilized. In any case, water is previously cleaned, filtered, deoxygenated, chemically treated in general, pressurized and then injected.
Bacteria have to be dealt and controlled before water is injected down hole. If not, once in the formation,  they become responsible of rapid proliferation producing Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) hence opening to further problem as souring to the side of Oil & Gas producing wells, flowlines network, central treating systems and till impairing commercial and economical aspects.
-Drilling:         Drilling Muds additives;  Fluid Loss Additives; Foaming agents; Bacteria Control; Others;
-Production:  Corrosion Inhibitors for various types of application (Water, Water/Oil, Water/Oil/Gas;
                        Scale Inhibitors for different nature of scaling salts, Scale Converters;
                        Oil Spill-treating Agents,  Dispersants, De-emulsifiers, Flow improvers, Cold Flow improvers,
                        Drag Reducers, Defoamers,  Antifoam, Oxygen Scavengers, Hydrogen Sulfide Scavengers,
                        Paraffin Dispersant / Deposition Inhibitors, Asphaltenes Deposition Inhibitor, Cleaners,
                        Workover  Fluid Loss additives, Neutralizers, …others
-Transportation & Storage: Corrosion Inhibitors, De-emulsifiers, Tank Cleaning Chemicals, Cleaners,
                       Odorizing Agents, Others.


STHOR 5100

Antifoam based on silicone and hydrocarbons characterized by a very low surface tension. It has a strong antifoam effect in oily phase

STHOR 1000

100% silicone based compound, it’s very efficient for slurry. High performance product it’s able to split up rapidly in oil-based system in order to create a strong disarming and antifoaming effect.


Silicone antifoam in water emulsion with fast and bright effectiveness. Manufactured with non-ionic emulsifiers doesn't interfere with the systems where are presence of water, oil or hydrocarbons. The product is also effective at very low dosage.  


Antifoam in water emulsion, with high concentration of active substances. The product is suitable for hydrocarbons and oil systems. Low-medium viscosity, doesn’t interfere with the systems where is added. It has lasting efficiency and can be use at very low dosage.  


Silicone-based antifoam emulsion for water-based systems, that has fast and long lasting effectiveness. It’s stable in water dilutions and efficient in water-based, hydrocarbon-based and oil-based systems.  


Silicone water emulsion ready for use. It does not require any preparation or predilution. It can be directly dose in the system to get an immediate long-lasting efficiency in time. The product can be efficient in water-based, hydrocarbon-based and oil-based systems.  


Emulsion breaker simple to use for bach treatment or in wastewater with low percentage of oil in water. – Physical appearance: Brown opalescent liquid.  


Emulsion breaker simple to use for bach treatment or in wastewater with a percentage of oil in water no more than 12%-15%. Excellent water clariflocculation after the treatment.  


High performance emulsion breaker is perfect to break up every kind of emulsion, slop or dense with low percentage of water. The product reach the maximum performance if additivated at temperature between 75°C and 85°C. It could be use statically or mechanically with separators and ...


Emulsion breaker simple to use for bach treatment or in wastewater with a percentage of oil in water no more than 12%-15%.  


Emulsion breaker simple to use for bach treatment or in wastewater with a percentage of oil in water no more than 12%-15%.


Excellent emulsion breaker simple to use for bach treatment or in wastewater with a low percentage of oil in water. The product is also use as coagulant in water clariflocculation process.  


Anionic polymer in powder used on chemical-physical plants or where is the need to clarify water with presence of aggregates.  Before using the products make a water solution and then measure it out.