Company profile

The company and its more valuable asset: the people
Silitex is a company specialized in the manufacturing of water-based polymeric emulsions.
Its technical knowledge, production accuracy, commitment to research and innovation are turning Silitex into a leader in proposing and innovate the chemistry and technology of emulsification’s process.
Silitex is formed by a group of men and women who have put their own competence, enthusiasm, energy and commitment as a base for the organization’s success as a whole.
The society does use a commercial network composed by professionals, skilled and competent, able to provide precise and appropriate answers, providing meantime support and advice aligned to the most advanced international chemistry industry trends.
To accomplish the activities needed by Silitex are, in fact, required high professional competences and technical knowledge standards for every single person, being a crucial factor to ensure the sustainability of an advantage factor that the company claims.

Factory extension

Factory extension works

Sponsoring activity

Silitex supports a young volleyball team, POLISPORTIVA SABBIONESE.

Trade organisation

Silitex has a wide range of agents in Italy.  They are professionally prepared to solve problems; they suggest practical solutions and the right products for the application.